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At Crestwood, we provide the perfect setting for your wedding, corporate retreat, or private event. We can host events in a variety of settings, from our fireside dining and library areas to our lawn and terrace with breathtaking views. Please contact our Events Manager at events@crestwoodnc.com if you would like to inquire about hosting your next event at Crestwood. 

Browse the photos below to see more information on our venues.

If an outdoor ceremony or event is what you imagine, then our lawn can make it a reality. This beautifully landscaped area is framed by our spectacular panoramic view and can accommodate over 200 ceremony guests. The lawn is located in the rear of the Inn, providing easy access to and from the terrace, dining room, bar, and library.

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Crestwood’s Terrace and Gazebo are ideal locations for a wedding, social luncheon, or sunset cocktail hour. The Terrace is located in the rear of the Inn and shares the same breathtaking view seen from the Dining Room and Lawn. The terrace can seat up to 175 guests for a ceremony and 120 guests for a reception, and provides easy access to the bar, dining room, and library.

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The Main Dining Room truly shows Crestwood’s beauty with it’s towering glass wall looking toward the mountains and gas fireplace. It seats up to 80 people for a reception and has an unbelievable view of the sunset. The gallery is above the main dining room and can seat an additional 60 people. The Main Dining Room can seat up to 100 guests for a ceremony.

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The Dawg Star Bar is a perfect bar for weddings and banquets.  It has full ABC permits and can offer many beverage alternatives for you and your guests. This space optionally adjoins with the main Dining Room and Library, providing easy access to the Terrace and Lawn. The Bar itself features a custom granite countertop that can also be used as a buffet or hors d’oeuvres serving station.  The bar seats up to 30 people.

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This charming room features dual gas log fireplaces and authentic pine flooring from the original Moberg Estate. It makes a great place for an intimate indoor wedding and is also commonly utilized for meetings and Main Dining Room overflow. The Library includes enough space for a beverage and buffet station and can be opened or closed off to the Bar and restaurant area. This room’s all-glass doors and windows provide both visibility and access to our Terrace and Lawn.

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The Lounge is the newest addition to Crestwood. This room features a private bar, hardwood floors, surround sound stereo system as well as a private patio that leads to the Terrace. Located on the second floor of the Inn, the Lounge can accommodate 110 people standing or 70 for a seated reception or ceremony.

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